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The Texas Forestry Museum offers these Educational Programs for groups visiting the Museum.Programs are also offered about a specific topic upon request. The Texas Forestry Museum is very flexible with times. Due to the quality of the experience that the Texas Forestry Museum wishes to provide we ask that the groups are small, consisting of only one or two classes at a time, with adequate adult supervision. Minimum group size is 10. Maximum group size is listed for each tour.

Color and Shape Scavenger Hunt Pre-K-2nd grade Time: 45 minutes
Introduces young students to the diversity of East Texas Forests by taking them on a short hike. Each student is responsible for finding a different color in nature. All findings are identified and discussed. 20 students for maximum group size.
Wetlands All Levels Time: 1 hour
Students will participate in hands-on activities as they explore the various types of wetlands, the benefits provided by wetlands, and the vegetation and wildlife associated with them. 20 students maximum for group size.
Forests, Flatheads, and Families 3rd grade Time: 45 minutes
Students will compare and contrast farm life to living in a sawmill town by role-playing imaginary characters of the East Texas pioneer period. Students will also view common household items used in early Texas history. This Program is TEKS Correlated! 25 students maximum for group size.
Forestry Explorers: Past and Present 4th grade Time: 2 hours
Compass and pacing, two skills every forester needs, are taught to students. The students then test their newly learned skills on an orienteering course. Activities are held outside in a wooded area (weather permitting). Limited to 16 students. This Program is TEKS Correlated!
The Ever Changing Forest 5th grade Time: 45 minutes - 1 hour
A brief forest succession lecture will be given explaining how forests and their ecosystems change over time as they grow. Students will also participate in an outdoor activity helping them to identify different stages of succession and the plants and animals found in each stage. This program is TEKS correlated! 20 students maximum for group size.
Jr. Trail Ranger 3rd-5th grade Time: 45 minutes - 1 hour
Students learn about different leaf shapes, leaf and twig arrangements, and historical uses of trees by going on a guided scavenger hunt of the Urban Wildscape Trail. All students who participate receive an activity booklet that can be used on four other East Texas trails. 10 students maximum for group size.
Natural Resource Careers 6th-9th grade Time: 1 hour
Explores the many different career paths that people with natural resource degrees can follow. Students work through mock situations to determine which forest professionals would be needed to solve a problem. 25 students maximum for group size.
Forest History Tour All levels Time: 45 minutes
Provides an overall view of the forest industry in Texas and how it related to rural life in East Texas. Both logging and sawmilling will be discussed as well as what life in a sawmill town entailed. A visit to the outdoor exhibits (logging train and depot) is also included, weather and time permitting. 30 people maximum for group size.

If group size exceeds maximum limitations please call The Museum at (936) 633-6069 to discuss options.