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Research: Sawmill Database

Alpha-Numeric Key: CK-102
Corporate Name: G. R. McDonald
Local Name:
Owner Name: G. R. McDonald. R. H. Morris. D. A. Berkshire, Raywood, and Bengers
Location: Unknown
County: Cherokee
Years in Operation: 2 years
Start Year: 1889
End Year: 1890
Decades: 1880-1889,1890-1899
Period of Operation: 1889 to 1890
Town: Unknown
Company Town: 2
Peak Town Size: Unknown
Mill Pond:
Type of Mill: Dressed lumber and flooring
Sawmill Pine Sawmill Hardwood Sawmill Cypress Sawmill
Planer Planer Only Shingle Paper
Plywood Cotton Grist Unknown
Power Source: Steam
Horse Mule Oxen Water
Water Overshot Water Turbine Diesel Unknown
Pit Steam Steam Circular Steam Band
Gas Electricity Other
Maximum Capacity: 
Capacity Comments: Unknown
Rough Lumber Planed Lumber Crossties Timbers
Lathe Ceiling Unknown Beading
Flooring Paper Plywood Particle Board
Treated Other
Equipment: Planing mill with band saw, Fay & Co. planer, and a double Mississippi flooring machine.
Company Tram:
Associated Railroads: Unknown
Historicial Development: D. A. Berkshire & C. C. Cook mortgaged with Hall & Brown in 1889 in the sum of $848 for planing mill equipment. D. A. Berkshire, Raywood, and Bengers mortgaged with Hall & Brown in the sum of $2,364 on September 13, 1889, for planing mill equipment: a Nagle engine, a boiler, a steam pump, a 36-inch band saw, a moulder, a woodworker, a swing saw, a part borer, wood lathe, a Fay & Co bed planer, a resaw, a ripsaw, a Eureka scroll saw, an Ames sander, and an emory grinder. It is not known at this time if these above records reflect either one or two planing mill plants. The flooring plant of Berkshire and Co soon passed into the hands of G. R. McDonald. In 1890, he executed chattel mortgages on the following: a double Mississippi flooring machine; and the planing mill of Berkshire & Co., comprising a Nagle engine and boiler, a band saw, a double spindle shaper, moulder, a swing saw, and other items.
Research Date: MCJ 01-25-96
Prepared By: M Johnson