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Research: Sawmill Database

Alpha-Numeric Key: WK-15
Corporate Name: Boettcher Lumber Company
Local Name:
Owner Name: Ed Boettcher, J.C. Boettcher. Trinity River Lumber Company acted as sales agent for Boettcher.
Location: Huntsville. Formerly Boettcher Mill Road; now Ave B and 16th.
County: Walker
Years in Operation: 57 years
Start Year: 1929
End Year: 1985
Decades: 1920-1929,1930-1939,1940-1949,1950-1959,1960-1969,1970-1979,1980-1989,
Period of Operation: 1929 to about 1985
Town: Huntsville
Company Town: 1
Peak Town Size: 9,000 in 1928; 5000 in 1934
Mill Pond:
Type of Mill: Yellow pine long dimension, flooring, fence, paneling, roof decking, scaffold plank
Sawmill Pine Sawmill Hardwood Sawmill Cypress Sawmill
Planer Planer Only Shingle Paper
Plywood Cotton Grist Unknown
Power Source: Steam
Horse Mule Oxen Water
Water Overshot Water Turbine Diesel Unknown
Pit Steam Steam Circular Steam Band
Gas Electricity Other
Maximum Capacity: 30000: 193025000: 1960
Capacity Comments: 30,000 feet in 1930. 7,280,000 board feet in 1960.
Rough Lumber Planed Lumber Crossties Timbers
Lathe Ceiling Unknown Beading
Flooring Paper Plywood Particle Board
Treated Other
Equipment: Circular sawmill, planing mill, edgers, dry kilns
Company Tram:
Associated Railroads: International & Great Northern
Historicial Development: The Boetcher Lumber Company moved from Westfield to the outskirts of Huntsville in 1929 and operated for almost sixty years. Trinity River Lumber Company handled sales in 1934. J.C. Boettcher became president in November 1967 after the death of Ed Boettcher. In 1958, Boettcher Lumber worked with yellow pine.The Boettcher Lumber Company sawmill cut 7,280,000 board feet during 1960. The Company operated a milltown for most of the time, providing housing and running water to about 200 families, and a company store with company script. One secondary sources states the workers in this town were taken advantage of by the company. Edward Boettcher, Sr., was described as paternal and often organized events for his workers, including an annual deer hunt. The old commissary is used by a local church for missionary purposes. Boettcher's Mill in 1984 faced deteriorating property values and communal utility billing by Huntsville. An effort was underway to annex the Mill to Huntsville.The mill closed when the company could not meet new federal guidelines. The company was not listed in the 1987 Directory of Forest Products Industries In Texas.
Research Date: JKG 12-9-93, MCJ 03-30-96
Prepared By: J. Gerland, M. Johnson