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Research: Tram & Railroad Database

Entries beginning with 'B'

29 entries returned

Company Name Years
B. L. Zeagler Lbr Co 1920s to ca. 1957
Barnes Brothers tram road at Longview 1876 to 1878
Barrett & Cline Lumber Company 1905 to 1919
Beall, Lewis tram road Proposed 1896
Beall, Smithers & Co tram road 1891
Beaumont & Great Northern Railroad (the Onalaska and Northwestern Railroad) 1905 to 1961
Beaumont & Saratoga Transportation Company 1905 to 1930s
Beaumont Lumber & Shingle Company tramroad. W. C. Gray, president; E. C. Wiess, vice-pres.; N. N. Crary, secretary; T. S. Reed, treasurer; John N. Gilbert, director. 1905 to 1920
Beaumont Sour Lake & Western Railroad 1903 to current
Beaumont Timber Company at Beaumont 1892 to 1909
Beaumont, Trinity & Sabine 1880 to 1936
Beltex Lumber Company tram road at Maud 1928
Benford & Western Transportation Company 1889? to 1929?
Benton Lumber Company or Nona-Fletcher Lumber Company 1918 to 1923
Bering Kiam and Southern Railroad 1912
Bermea Land & Lumber Company 1897 to 1900
Big Creek and Trinity Valley Railway Unknown
Big Sandy Lumber Company
Bivins Lumber Company tram road 1900 to 1929
Blount-Decker Lumber Company tram road at Alto 1908 to 1921
Boetcher [Boettcher] Lumber Company tram road at Westfield
Boynton Lumber Company 1908 to 1912
Boynton Lumber Company ca. 1904 to 1908
Boynton Lumber Company ca. 1910 to 1920
Bradford-Hicks Lumber Company tram road 1909
Brown Hardwood Company
Brown Lumber Company tram road 1895 to 1905
Bruce Lumber Company tram road at Porter 1900 to 1910
Burr's Ferry, Browndell, & Chester Railway Company 1907 to 1927