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Research: Sawmill Database

Alpha-Numeric Key: AG-29
Corporate Name: Bodan Lumber Company
Local Name:
Owner Name: Bodan Lumber Company with John A. Young, J. J. Carter, and J. Lipshitz. John A. Young & Co. Fisher Lumber Company with C. H. & H. Y. Fisher. Phillip A. Ryan Lumber Company. Old site sold in 1923 to Chronister Lumber Company.
Location: Pollok [Bodan]: end of 17A and Southwestern St Louis Railroad
County: Angelina
Years in Operation: 29 years
Start Year: 1894
End Year: 1922
Decades: 1890-1899,1900-1909,1910-1919,1920-1929
Period of Operation: Fisher Bros, 1894; Bodan, 1899; Ryan, 1916.
Town: Pollok [Bodan]
Company Town: 1
Peak Town Size: 100 in 1905. 150 in 1910
Mill Pond:
Type of Mill: Rough and finished yellow pine lumber and under Ryan hardwood lumber
Sawmill Pine Sawmill Hardwood Sawmill Cypress Sawmill
Planer Planer Only Shingle Paper
Plywood Cotton Grist Unknown
Power Source: Steam
Horse Mule Oxen Water
Water Overshot Water Turbine Diesel Unknown
Pit Steam Steam Circular Steam Band
Gas Electricity Other
Maximum Capacity: 60000: 1904
Capacity Comments: 60,000 feet of lumber daily in 1904
Rough Lumber Planed Lumber Crossties Timbers
Lathe Ceiling Unknown Beading
Flooring Paper Plywood Particle Board
Treated Other
Equipment: Sawmill and planing mill
Company Tram:
Associated Railroads: St Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt)
Historicial Development: Charles William Fisher of Alto began buying land in Angelina County in March 1889. Apparently a mill was not constructed, however, until after April 1893, since no mill at Pollok was listed in an 1893 listing of sawmills on the Cotton Belt railroad. Soon thereafter, C.W. Fisher and his brother, H.Y., obviously had built a small mill in Angelina County, for Angelina County deed records and the Galveston newspapers reveal the Fisher Brothers mill at Pollok was in serious financial trouble by August 1896. The company was consequently restructured. J.A. Young, possibly a cousin of the Fishers, and Elizabeth R. Fisher, possibly the Fishers' mother, assumed control of the mill and formed J. A. Young and Company, Pollok. J. A. Young became outright owner of the Fisher mill and properties on July 6, 1897, by Sheriff's Deed. C. W. Fisher, the original owner of the mill, still resided in Pollok at the time. Subsequently, J. A. Young and J. J. Carter, both of Pollok, and J. Lipshitz, of Tyler, incorporated the Bodan Lumber Company on February 10, 1899. The lumber manufacturing business at Pollok undoubtedly prospered under new management, for J.A. Young decided to expand the business. Bodan Lumber Company acquired the mill and properties of J.A. Young and Company, including a Shay locomotive, on April 26, 1899. Bodan Lumber used the dangerous “Arkansas” dry kiln in its operations. Four of them burned down on November 21, 1899. Bodan Lumber Company dissolved officially in 1917. Properties were then conveyed to A. Harris and Louis Lipshitz, who leased the sawmill site to Philip A. Ryan, and then sold it to Chronister Lumber in 1923 in which Lipshitz was a partner, and moved all of the machinery and equipment to Forest. Angelina County Bill of Sale records note that Philip A. Ryan Lumber Company, a Tennessee corporation, was “domiciled at Pollok, Ang. Co., Tx.” operating both a commissary and the Bodan post office.
Research Date: JKG 8-24-93, MCJ 12-12-95
Prepared By: J. Gerland, M. Johnson