Our Mission & History

One of the largest museums of its kind in the United States, the Texas Forestry Museum is a fun place for the whole family to look at the past, present and future of trees - How we grow trees, harvest trees, transport trees, process trees, and use trees in our daily lives. Featured exhibits include Sawmill Town, Paper Mill, Money Trees, logging train, fire tower, and Urban Wildscape Trail.

Our Mission

The mission of the Texas Forestry Museum is to collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret objects, papers, and photographs which pertain to the natural and cultural history of the people, places, and products and benefits associated with the forest, forestry, and related professions, and the forest-related industries in the state of Texas. The education of the public, from pre-school through senior adult, about the heritage of forestry and sound forestry practices in Texas is a priority of the museum. The museum may conduct research to aid the understanding and interpretation of the mission. The collections of the Texas Forestry Museum are held as a public trust.

Our History