Feast in the Forest

The Texas Forestry Museum relies on its annual fundraiser, Feast in the Forest, to help raise funds and continue to introduce new people to the museum and its mission. The Texas Forestry Museum is the only forestry museum in Texas and does not charge admission. This event provides the opportunity for individuals and corporations to support the museum and become a part of preserving the history of the industry that helped create the East Texas we know today.

Feast in the Forest is held each year in August. Join us for a fun evening inside the museum featuring a casual dinner, drinks, dessert auction, and silent auction.

Annual Fund

5 REASONS TO SUPPORT THE Texas Forestry Museum

Free admission
We have free admission so our guests can visit over and over again without a financial burden. Also, we have 14 events throughout the year that are free to the public.

We want guests to have fun when they visit so we offer events with scavenger hunts, campfires, pony rides, mini hayrides, and Santa Claus in the depot!

We love teaching guests about the history of the forest industry and nature science! We host tours, travel for presentations, and create exhibits for our guests to enjoy.

The forest industry helped create the East Texas we know today. We preserve over 27,000 forest history artifacts in our temperature-controlled archives and research library.

We need you!
The museum is a non-profit and mostly relies on grants and individual donations for funding. By donating to the Annual Fund Drive, you ensure a bigger and brighter future for the museum!