Sawmill Doctor

The museum offers six educational traveling trunks to be used in classroom settings that explore the history of East Texas and nature. The level of information in each trunk varies, but modifications can be made for grades K – 8. All trunk lessons meet the TEKS!

The trunk explores the role of doctors in sawmill towns. The Sawmill Doctor Trunk teaches students how certain diseases are spread, how the doctors dealt with common injuries during the early 1900s, and what type of problems doctors faced while practicing in a sawmill town. There are 5 lessons that can be used in 4th and 7th grade classes.

Grades: 4th – 7th

Subjects: History

The trunk includes the following items: X-ray viewer, 4 X-rays, heart model, mosquito net, doctor’s medicine bag, eye exam chart, eye occluder, black light, stethoscope, doctor’s coats, blood pressure cuff, 2 elastic bandages, and more!