Inside Activities

The Texas Forestry Museum offers these tours and activities for groups visiting the Museum. Activities are also offered about a specific topic upon request. The Texas Forestry Museum is very flexible with times and group size. Each item listed takes 15 – 20 minutes to complete. Mix & Match to create your perfect museum adventure!

To schedule a tour call the Education Coordinator, Kaitlin Wieseman at (936) 633-6069.

Inside Activities
Bird Beak Buffet Students use several tools that immulate birds’ beaks to pick up food. The students have to figure out which tool represents which bird’s beak and match it on a worksheet. 2nd – 12th
Black Bear Students learn about Black Bears, their habitat, characteristics, the food they eat, and more! All Grades
Children’s Wing Students play in the Chidren’s Wing with a dress up house, toy train table, and fire tower. PreK – 6th
East Texas Animals & Their Habitats Students learn what an animal’s habitat includes and discuss some East Texas habitats. They also can touch East Texas animal hides. All Grades
Gift Shop Students can shop in the museum’s Company Store gift shop. All Grades
Sawmill Doctor “Then & Now” Students learn how people and doctors dealt with medical conditions such as burns, fevers, coughs, cuts, etc. in sawmill towns. They also learn about the spread of diseases with an activity involving the students washing their hands. 1st – 12th
Sawmill Town Trunk Students learn how people lived in sawmill towns. They can touch objects that were used in sawmill towns. All Grades
Starburst (STEM Activity) Students learn about potential and kinetic energy by creating a popsicle stick starburst. 3rd – 12th