Outdoor Activities

The Texas Forestry Museum offers these tours and activities for groups visiting the Museum. Activities are also offered about a specific topic upon request. The Texas Forestry Museum is very flexible with times and group size. Each item listed takes 15 – 20 minutes to complete. Mix & Match to create your perfect museum adventure!

To schedule a tour call the Education Coordinator, Kaitlin Wieseman at (936) 633-6069.

Outside Activities
Color Scavenger Hunt Students find certain colors outside on the museum’s trail while on a scavenger hunt. PreK – Kindergarten
Lifecycle of a Tree Students discover the tree’s lifecycle by enacting a tree’s life. Then they take a walk on the museum’s outdoor trail and try to find trees at various stages in their lives. PreK – 5th
Nature Hike/Hiking Guidelines Students go on a short nature hike on the museum’s trail. Students and museum staff will discuss safe hiking guidelines. All Grades
Nature Playscape Students play outside with the Nature Playscape elements like the Rainbow Stepping Stumps,Travel by Trees, Gaga Pit, and Lawn Games. All Grades
Nature Scavenger Hunt Students search for certain natural objects outside on the museum’s trail. 1st – 12th
Tree Identification Students learn to identify six trees and they create a journal about the trees such as its common name, human uses for the tree, and wildlife uses for the tree. 3rd – 12th